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Emily Richter

Donate. Stand against postpartum depression.  Help us fight stigma and raise awareness of Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders.

It has been 2 years since the birth of my son, Owen.  While I've made it out of the other side of PPD/PPA/PPOCD, perinatal mood and anxiety disorders will forever be a part of my story.  You can read more about how I found my way out of the darkness over on my blog www.theocdmama.com.

Climb Out of the Darkness® is the world’s largest event raising awareness of maternal mental illnesses like postpartum depression, postpartum anxiety & OCD, postpartum PTSD, postpartum psychosis, bipolar/peripartum onset, and pregnancy depression and anxiety.
Climb Out of the Darkness® is held on or near the longest day of the year annually to help shine the most light on perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. The event features mothers and others across the globe joining together to climb mountains and hike trails to represent their symbolic rise out of the darkness of maternal mental illness and into the light of hope and recovery.  
Mark your calendars! Help us shine the light of hope with our words and our advocacy efforts so that our fellow mothers will receive better information and better treatment, and their new families will get off to the healthy and strong start they deserve. 

Help us show mothers they are not alone and they always have a community of support out there. "Just like moons and like suns, With the certainty of tides, Just like hopes springing high, Still I'll rise." ~ Maya Angelou  *** CLIMB INFO*** The Hershey Team Climb Out of the Darkness will be at Shank Park on Saturday, June 23rd, at 10am. Shank Park is located at 781 Bullfrog Valley Rd, Hummelstown, PA 17036. This event is for the WHOLE family and all supporters.

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